Silva Kaputikyan

Time: 20th Century
Language: Eastern Armenian
Genres: Poetry

(born January 20, 1919 – died August 25, 2006) Armenian writer and poetess, public activist

Silva Kaputikyan was born in Yerevan. His family immigrated from Van. His father Barunak Kaputikyan was a famous activist of Dashnakcutyun party in Van, teacher and editor. He died three moths prior to his daughter’s birth from cholera epidemics. Future poetess was raised under the care of her mother and grandmother and had a hard childhood. Later she always remembered neighborhood of her childhood packed by a lot of genocide immigrants from Western Armenia. She studied at Yerevan School named after Krupskaya. She entered the philology faculty of Yerevan State University in 1936 and graduated from it in 1941. In 1950 she graduated from high courses of Moscow Literature Institute named after M. Gorky.

At the age of 13 she wrote her first verse which was published in “Pioneer Ring” newspaper.

In 1948 she entered the rows of USSR communist party. In 1945 first collection of her compositions named “With the days” were published. Later about 60-70 books in prose and poetry were published in Armenian, Russian, English, Georgian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Turkish and other languages. For the collection of verses named “My Intimates” she was awarded a special USSR state prize in 1952, and in 1988 Soviet Armenia state prize. In the same year she received Italian literary prize called “Nosidie”. She has about 40 publications of children compositions. From 1962 she visited Armenian communities in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, USA, Canada, Countries of South America, Germany, Austria, Iran, Israel, etc…

Kaputikyan has done remarkable and valuable translations from famous authors. Kaputikyan has done a great job in the sphere of publicism. Her works in this genre are included in the books such as “My time”, “I can not keep silence”, “The Last Ring”. The 700 page book named “Pages from closed casket” is an original report about her own contribution and participation in the public life of the country. Silva Kaputikyan was a laureate of state awards from Soviet Union, Republic of Armenia, and Autonomous Republic of Adjaria; and laureate of Av. Isahakyan and Italian “Noside” literary awards. She was awarded with honored titles such as renowned Master of Arts of Armenia and Georgia, Honorary Citizen of Yerevan. In 1998 she received a title “Woman of the year” from Cambridge International Geographical Institute. She was awarded with various other medals and awards.

Silva Kaputikyan was member of the council of USSR Writers’ Union, member of coordination committee responsible for relationships with Diaspora, academician at Academy of Sciences of RA, “Spiritual Unity of World Nations”, member of international academies of Nature and public sciences. She was elected to the Soviet Armenia Supreme Council as deputy. She was married to Hovhannes Shiraz.

Silva Kaputikyan died on August 25, 2006. Her grave is at the Yerevan Pantheon named after Komitas where day of poetry is organized on behalf of her name on every last Saturday of September.


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